Introducing the next generation building material

SHARKBOARD PVC sheet is extruded polyester resin with unique features and long-lasting properties, that can withstand any climatic conditions. Our board is light, durable, 100% water proof, termite proof, corrosive resistant and fire retardant. It is the ultimate replacement for regular conventional material like wood or plywood as well as MDF, gypsum board, cement board, etc.

Because of the comprehensive application of SHARKBOARD, it has already been used in building work, renovation work, furniture, decoration and advertising purposes. SHARKBOARD can be screwed, drilled, painted, routed, carved and glued just like regular wood. Because of SHARKBOARD’s waterproof, termite proof and mould proof feature, it is suitable for wet area application such as kitchen and bathroom, thus no more rotting and mouldy furniture.

Termite is a common problem is many household in Indonesia. SHARKBOARD being termite and borer proof will be the solution to your termite problem.

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