The PVC formwork system is a technique to set up cast concrete structures using Sharkboard PVC plastic formwork. As this process is so easy to implement, you don’t need to put more skilled labours and efforts to build the wall of your desired house or building. In addition, one of the best advantage of our formwork panel is that they are reusable for 50-100 times for different sites with minimal waste, thus saves you significant cost.
Sharkboard PVC formwork panel is the polar opposite of its wooden counterpart, plywood. Our formwork panel are made to be utilised again and again, unlike plywood that can only be use once. The wooden plywood are use for a custom-worked thus can only be use for a particular forming work, while Sharkboard PVC formwork panel are not specific or not limited to a particular work so they can be applied at various concrete forming jobs. Shark Board PVC formwork panel is also waterproof, whereas plywood is not waterproof, easily deform and vulnerable to water.

In conclusion, Shark Board PVC formwork panel is the best option for your construction projects for it is easy to work with and helps you to save cost while maximising your investment.

Sharkboard Formwork Panel
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