SHARKBOARD is a premium quality PVC Sheet that is solid, durable, lightweight and long lasting. Our board is 100% waterproof, termite proof, borer proof and mould proof, which is why this materials are commonly use in the wet or high moisture area such as kitchen, bathroom, laundry and also commonly use as advertising media, furniture, building materials, automotive and boat interiors.

SHARKBOARD has been widely use in developed countries as an alternative to the conventional material like plywood, wood, MDF, Particle board, gypsum board, alumimium, acrylic and steel plate. Working process with Sharkboard is easy and less time consuming because they are lightweight, they are lightweight and have a smooth finished surface; along with high durability and minumum maintenance makes SHARKBOARD more economic.

SHARKBOARD is 100% recycleable, eco-friendly and contains no wood and does not use any tree, thus preserves the conservation of our forest.


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